Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Great Exchange!

This morning I've managed to do one of the daunting tasks I do every 6 months or so... (usually Anzac day (25/4) and Remembrance Day(11/11). I've done the great exchange! I've just pulled out all the winter clothes from last year and clothes that have previously been too big for Missy and I've done the shift- putting the summer clothes into vacuum bags and shifting along the clothes each girl has grown out of.

It's caused me to to think about the 'Great Exchange' that we have been instructed to do in Collossians 3. Put on.... and Take off!!

Put off anger, bad feelings toward one another, filthy communication and lying. Put them in a bag and throw them in a bin! Unlike the clothes, I'm not going to put them away for the next time I need them.

But, I'm not left without anything... Jesus has given me a new man to put on. I'm putting on mercy, kindness, a humble opinion of myself, meekness, gentleness, patience, forgiveness, and mostly love!

We are new creations. Isn't that wonderful! And the best part of it... these new clothes never go out of fashion, suit us no matter what size or shape we are and they look great :)


  1. That was beautiful Ruth!!
    Thanks for that :)
    Love Frances

  2. You are inspired, Ruth. You have so many wonderful treasures to share.

    love you HEAPS.



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