Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sometimes I wonder....

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever post on this little blog again.  It's been about 18 months!
I would love to pick this up again but it don't really do any of the things I did before.
Life has changed quite a bit in the past 18 months. The major change was me returning to work as a full-time teacher and the other changes are pretty much what we now do to keep up. Apart from that life has just kept chugging along.

I was thinking yesterday how returning to work for me and my family was like dropping a rock into the water. The change was huge at first but now everything seems to be settling down and this new life is becoming 'normal'.

I do really miss my 'stay at home mum' days. I miss Jessie most of all and sleeping and of course catching up with friends, browsing petty blogs and making craft!

But that's enough for now Jessie has just put body lotion through her hair while she was supposed to be napping! Cheeky girl! I would put a photo but I don't know how to do that I my iPad!

Hope you had a great weekend :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cassata Recipe

I have wanted to make cassata ever since I was a little girl but I did not realise how easy it can be!  A friend of ours used to make it for my mum fairly often and I have been meaning to ask her for the recipe!  Anyway, I googled cassata and found this recipe and was happy with how it turned out.  It is extremely easy to make and can be tweaked to add your favourite ingredients.  I will definitely give it a go again!

Christmas cassata
The original recipe is from Woman's Day and I found it on the Interenet here. I tweaked it as the recipe did not seem to fill the pan enough.


2L vanilla ice-cream, softened
2/3 cup halved glacé cherries - red and green for fesitive colours
2L chocolate ice-cream, softened
200g Toblerone, finely chopped
1/3 cup toasted slivered almonds
Grated chocolate, to serve

Line a round 23cm spring-form pan with baking paper.  Spray a little bit of oil to help the paper to line the pan properly.

In a large bowl, combine 1.3L vanilla ice-cream with cherries. Pour into prepared pan.  Cover and freeze until firm.

In another bowl, combine 700ml chocolate ice-cream and remaining vanilla ice-cream with Toblerone. Spoon evenly over vanilla ice-cream layer. Cover and freeze until firm.

In a third bowl, combine remaining chocolate ice-cream with toasted almonds. Spoon evenly over Toblerone layer, smoothing top. Cover and freeze until firm.

Remove from freezer 5 minutes before serving. Remove from pan. Cut into wedges to serve. Sprinkle with grated chocolate.

I hope you all had a wonderful blessed Christmas!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tiny Teacup Gingerbread Houses

Have you seen these tiny teacup gingerbread houses around on the Internet?

Aren't they just gorgeous!

 I was wondering the other day who came up with this super cute idea and as far as I can see it was Megan from Not Martha.

You can find her recipe and tutorial here.

Looking around for a recipe and tutorial I also found this Aussie recipe!

I think these are just gorgeous and are held together with white chocolate!

The basic gingerbread dough is here and the template is here.

I have not made our gingerbread house this year, but this might end up being as far as I get!  In fact, I am super keen to spend a whole day in the kitchen making our favourite Christmas recipes!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

The littlest rascal

I am in denial that this little baby is nearly 2!  Well she's not nearly two, it's almost two whole months - but still!

I wish so badly that I could step back in time and kiss the sweet cheeks of this newborn baby, but at the same time I'm just loving watching this girl develop her own little personality!

Last week Jess experienced her worst fall.  It was so sad!  I held myself together when it happened then cried all the way home!  She stepped backwards down the playground steps at the preschool and fell all the way to the bottom.  It was a terrible fall and I was sure she had broken her neck as I watched her fall.  After taking Jessie home and stripping her off this was the only bruise I found.

Which looked like this after hitting the same eye on the corner of the table at her daddy's work two days later!

And now is just a huge browny coloured black eye!

A few days ago, mum and dad were moving into their house, Sarah took the day of school to help.  She was outside with Jess taking pictures and I was so pleased when she showed me!  I really think my 8 and 10 year olds are better photographers than me already!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Tablescapes

I love a beautifully set table!  Here in Australia Christmas day can be scorching so we tend to have a more casual BBQ style Christmas lunch with the Aussie favourite prawns on the barbie!

For me, I love a traditional formal Christmas lunch (with the air conditioner going on full!)

A beautiful table scape can be a bit impractical if you serve buffet style from the table but I think it is well worth the inconvenience and finding ways around it.

I have been pinning gorgeous table settings recently and have no shortage of inspiration thanks to some incredibly creative people out there.  I find myself pinning the same gorgeous table setting over and over.

1.  Gorgeous red and white theme - Pinterest
2.  I love the gift idea, especially for the kids to keep the busy between courses - Source
3.  Such a simple way to dress up a topiary for the table  - Source
4.  I love lanterns on the table!
5.  Gorgeous colours once again - Source

Mum and dad have only just moved in to their new house and there is still a lot of work to be done, but I think we will have Christmas there and mum is always happy to have the table set beautifully!

Star here : Napkin with greenery here

Below is one of my favourite table setting at the moment.  I love the neutral colours and the Christmassy feel.  have not found any old sheet music but will scour my favourite op shops later in the week :)

Well the count down is on now!!  6 sleeps til Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Olivia's last day of preschool

Today is Olivia's last day of preschool!

I am in total disbelief that she has just finished a year of preschool and will be heading off to 'big school' next year.

Olivia has grown up so much this year it's unbelievable!  I wrote this post here about being nervous for her on her first day and then this post the day she cried and kicked and screamed as I left.  Olivia is not that same little girl!

About half way through the year Olivia made a change. She began to talk about her friends and was eager to see them at preschool each week.  I noticed Olivia develop more confidence and join in with the other kids before school.

Now, each day when I pick Olivia up she is not ready to leave!  She sees me, dumps her bag at my feet and runs off for one last play!  She has made the sweetest little friend and I have a feeling these two will be long time friends.  I am really hoping they will be in the same class next year.

This morning was her preschool concert which was just so cute.  Olivia was right up the back but was watching us the whole time!  She knew all the words and actions and they were all just so cute!

I am so proud of this little girl!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Jessie's Room

Here are some photos from Jessica's room.  I SO wish my photography skills were a lot better than what I can do on Instagram but this is how it is :)  Most importantly Jessica loves her room!  

Alphabet free printable from here  :    Close up for Jess by Frances Choikee Photography :  Newborn photo was taken by Lisa Ceely photography  :  wreath made with scraps of fabrics :  elephant made for Olivia by my sis in law  :  gorgeous doll by Alimrose designs.  The J button monogram made by me  :  Elephant wall stickers from here  :  gorgeous dresses print and the babushka doll prints are from here

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