Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Little Mermaid (costume)

Sarah will be going to school tomorrow as the Little Mermaid - she's so excited!! Hannah's is almost finished. Just need to do the top now. I'm hoping to take them both up to the dam near my parent's home and get some pictures of them sitting on a rock.

This is how she walks in it (not the best pic!!) :)
Now it's time to get stuck into those other projects!! Time's running out!


  1. Very very clever Ruth!! I always love checking out you blog because there is always something that amazes me... The costume looks fantastic!!

  2. Sarah so looks the part of the Little Mermaid!!!

    What a cutie!!

  3. What a gorgeous costume! I love how all the schools celebrate book week!

  4. the top photo looks green and then the next pic looks blue, wow how cool. A+++ for effort she would make a beautiful mermaid....


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