Monday, August 25, 2008

Noah's Lodge: Part of the Challenge

When I was pregnant with Sarah, Josh and I went tent camping through the Southern Table Lands, NSW. As we were travelling through Mittagong I 'just had to' stop at Victoria House Needlework. It's the cutest little store on the Old Hume Highway full to the brim of needlework projects and supplies. I'm not a big fan of cross stitching (mainly because of how long it takes!) but I fell in love with this little Noah's Lodge Cross Stitch. It didn't take me long to get started but like a lot of things in my project box, it has taken me forever to finish. I'm sorry the picture is not real great! Over the past few days I've filled in the green on the bottom of the ark - YAY! I'm getting there!

I'm really excited about getting through the five projects listed in my challenge. It's just what I needed to help my project box close a little easier.

Here are some random pictures from Flickr of the Southern Table Lands.1. Orchard Cottage, 2. Hydrangia Cottage, 3. Fabric at Peppergreen, 4. Picton Viaduct, 5. Mittagong Station, 6. Church-1, 7. Cottage Bathroom, 8. Lomo signs.jpg, 9. Steel Wheels 2-1-Edit-Edit

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  1. A change is a sgood as a holiday......I like your new header!!!


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