Thursday, January 1, 2009

Where do I start?

I seriously do not know where to start! So much has been going on recently and I have heaps I want to catch up on before conference! Well here's what going through my head this second!

That we hired the most stupid movie tonight that we had to turn it off!

If I should combine the two blogs to get a bit more frequency. The purpose of this blog is reflection. My aim was to have a bit of a journal of what's going on in my life but it often things have seemed to belong in the family blog - so I don't put it in either.

The month that has just past and I have not documented anything!

My whole family being together day after day! The girls laughing together, Olivia's new games she's playing with the girls and the constant slam of the back door.

The random low times that Josh and I get where we just sit and chat and Mum's recipe book of 'no time to cook' recipes by Donna Hay. (Just borrowed it for a few days as Mum has absolutely no time to cook!)

Thinking about...
New years resolutions - whether I should make them big or small.

The NEW YEAR!!! Whoo Hoo!! I love starting a new year!


  1. Whether you make your NY's resolutions big or small ... make them achievable. For example, my New Year's resolution for 2009 is that I will never ... and I mean NEVER ... play world cup soccor!!!

    See how easy it is????

  2. I heard on OneWay FM: Make them SMART
    Mmmm...can't remember?!
    Time specific
    I've got it written down somewhere. Will have to check for M!

  3. lol u 2. I think the 'm' stands for measurable or something? let me know too ok :)

    I think having one blog is a good idea, much more do-able...but ultimately it comes down to what you want them for and if it's important (to you) to keep that distinction.

  4. Measurable! That's it! I was laying in bed wondering what on earth it could have been!

    It's not important to me to keep the blogs separate but I did so to start with as one was more a hobby and the other was for my extended family to keep up to date.


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