Friday, March 13, 2009

Lonely girl...

What is it about Hannah that makes her think she always has to have someone to play with? Is it to do with her being the middle girl? Before Sarah went to school they were always playing together, last year Hannah played with the neighbour and now, if Olivia's asleep and Sarah's off somewhere she's always asking for someone to come over or to go somewhere. This is happening every day at the moment!
She has found a solution though - retail therapy. Today she said if she could go to the shops and buy something she'd be ok! They start young!


  1. If Princess Hannah can spare the time one Wednesday, Benjamin would LOVE to spend some time with her.

    I love the pics of both of you ... they're adorable.

  2. It's funny what kids come up with like what will make them feel better. I have one that always wants to be off playing with someone and not at home. I think you just have to put it down to different personalities.

    Beautiful photos soo fun looking....


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