Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sugar Blossoms

You would think it was spring with the amount of blossoms around here! I've been learning as I go which is fun, but I've discovered blossoms are very time consuming! I've been researching on the net for the most effective way to make sugar blossoms. So far this seems to be the most effective way.

Also, Olivia has decided that walking is a better option than crawling and has been walking everywhere the past two days. She took her first step on 1st March and it's taken her over three weeks to develop the confidence to walk. She still refuses to put her feet on the floor if she has shoes on though. I'm guessing she will be more cautious like Hannah. I've also noticed she's scared of heights and definitely does not like to be thrown around. Hannah was the same! Olivia's developing more confidence around the cat, but if it looks at her and walks towards her she screams. Very cute to watch and MUST get it on video :)

Anyhow, back to baking these cakes!


  1. Oh I have been thinking about how you are going. I made 60 decorations for mine tonight....
    You will have to post some pictures for us as you go please!!
    Keep up the good work.

  2. I wont post anything until after the engagement, but the cakes are made and ganached and I've made a lot of blossoms. They're time consuming though so will spend as much time as I can making them today. I'm putting the fondant on the cakes before school.


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