Thursday, April 2, 2009

My little koala

Olivia is such a little koala.

Anyone who has been around her for 5 minutes will have observed that Olivia does not easily let go! She holds on to our clothes and wraps her legs around us. I'm sure this comes from being carried around by the girls. She holds them so tight they can't drop her!Here's a layout I did yesterday. It's inspired by Elizabeth Kartcher my all time favourite scrapper! I love how she uses colours and embellishments. In her ask Lizzy column in Creating Keepsakes she talks about how she chooses colours. I had a major 'a ha!' moment and am keen to give her ideas a go. As for my seven things this week...I've so far managed to:
1. Give family lots of hugs and kisses - but can always do better!
2. Relaxed bedtimes with a story and snuggles - most nights - but not all.
3. Scrap a page for Olivia - yep!
4. Get into the garden - ah, no :(
5. A meal from my new slow cooker - made a beef casserole was really nice but a bit too tender!
6. Try an animal from fondant - tried elephants and failed. Will try an easier one next week.
7. Cooking with the girls - making butterfly cookies this afternoon.


  1. I love that layout, Ruth. The colours are wonderful!!

    Well done for achieving so much on your list.

  2. OK OK stop the scrapping!!! lol I think I like it too much (but still determined not to start a new craft) but I love it Ruth it looks beautiful.
    As for the elephant it will happen for you, you talented thing!

  3. lol - you did what she said about making pics big on ur blog didn't you?! I'm not as 'into' colour as she is but I LOVE her photo's and LO's and might one day be brave enough to venture further down the colour track. Ur LO's look great :)

  4. Love it! I like what you did with the buttons & ribbon.


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