Saturday, October 17, 2009

Journal Entry

Outside my window: The clouds are coming over and probably bringing the rain. Sarah and Hannah are pulling together any resources they can find in the backyard to make something.
I am thinking: I can't believe another year is nearly over!
I am thankful for: My family. Olivia showing some 'tidy girl' traits. A really good week at school for Sarah - she's growing up all the time. I'll miss the little girl.
From the kitchen: Brownies in the oven. Christmas pudding preparation.
I am creating: a mini album for Hannah's preschool year.
I am going: to enjoy this quiet Saturday.
I am reading: not much at the moment.
I am hoping: Mum and Dad are enjoying New York!
I am hearing: The girls screaming and laughing outside.
Around the house: A typical Saturday afternoon. Olivia sleeping, kids playing, Josh has gone off to a friends to service their cars.
One of my favourite things: These new gratitude digital brushes at house of 3. Planning on getting the kids to write down something this week.
Plans for the rest of the week: Hoping to fit in some scrapping time here and there. Lots of play dates for the kids next week. Mum and Dad coming home - YAY!
A picture to share:
Sarah showing her gratitude.

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