Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Things making me smile!

* Spring! I love spring!!! I'm not so keen on the heat, but I love this time of year. The flowers, the picnics the clothes drying weather and the longer days!

* I have a white front door frame! The front door frame has been bugging me ever since we bought this house (almost 10 years ago!). The other day I decided that was it and painted it. I'm really not a very good painter, but at least it's done. It's brightened up the entry too! Would love to do the door, but I don't think I'd be happy with the result.

* I've begun painting the pergola. It's a huge job so I'm really just happy to get it done bit-by-bit.

* The garden's looking good. We've done heaps of gardening and tidying up outside. I'm so pleased that things are finally starting to come together.

* Olivia went down for her nap today with NO screaming!! So excited!! She has always been an angel, but for the past two-three weeks she has stood in her cot and screamed. We just kept being consistent and doing the same thing, and today, totally out of the blue she shocked me by going down perfectly! YAY!

* I'm getting a bigger table! Not brand new but it's an extendable one and we could squash 10 of us around it.

* Some projects I've got going at the moment - will hopefully show you soon.

* These pictures:1. DanDuchars1, 2. Picnic cutlery roll - open, 3. summer quilts-ready for a picnic, 4. peppermint bouquet, 5. cute, 6. Chocolate Gingerbread Men, 7. for ava, 8. _pink-room_main, 9. for Adelaide's birthday

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