Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Speaking of new cars...

Well this is a first! Almost a post a day for the past few days! I don't expect to keep this up! At the moment I'm in procrastination mode - well I'm not really procrastinating, there's not a lot I can pack until next week when we move into Mum and Dad's. I've done almost everything else. There's always things I can do to get ready, but I work best when there's more than a box or two to pack.

Back to cars...
Look what Olivia picked up for $5 at the Salvo's yesterday! She has not (happily) got out of it since we brought it home.

I think I mentioned in an earlier post how much I'm going to miss my garden! Well I am! Here are two reasons why!


  1. oh I love those! I got one from the salvos too lol :) about a yr ago when I was actually there looking for a kitchen dining table set. I had no idea how much they cost in the shops, nearly died when I found out. Gotta love a bargain!

  2. Wow.. what a bargain to get that car for $5.00. Olivia looks like it's made just for her.

    Your camilla's are beautiful... I can see why it will be hard for you to leave them behind.


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