Friday, November 12, 2010

Bit of this and that...

We've moved in to our new home and are feeling quite settled. We've still go quite a bit to do on the outside of the house such as a planting a garden, building a pergola and relaying some pavers to help with drainage but the inside feels like home.

When we first moved in we put our bookshelf into this little nook in the wall and the dark green colour screamed for a new colour! We've now painted it off white and are so happy with it we are thinking of using it to house photos and just a few books.

I'm loving these quilts and am on the lookout for a nice one layer cake to make them out of. I'm thinking that I'll use one for a rug for the new baby and the other for snuggling on the couch on cool nights ;)

Hope you're enjoying this gorgeous weather!!!!


  1. Gorgeous!! Glad your all settled in :) It feels gr8 having a fresh new start hey? Enjoy!

  2. The bookshelf looks stunning, Ruth!! Good choice!!

  3. I'm still checking for your house posts :)
    Gorgeous quilt - I have just cut a heap of sqares to make noe for Audrey as she will move into a "big bed" early in the new year.


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