Saturday, May 14, 2011


I am way overdue for a blog post!

Life's been good. God is good!

Jessica is now three months old! I can not believe how fast time is flying! I just want time to stop so I can take it all in. I could sit and hold her all day, especially when she coos at me. I think she's going to be a chatterbox.

Jessica is totally spoiled by her three older sisters and I have to tell them to stop picking her up every time she cries because she'll want to be carried all the time. There's always a fight over who is going to get Jessica up when she wakes. It's actually really nice to see how the girls talk to her and dote over her.

There are so many things inspiring me at the moment and I feel swamped by all the things I want to do, but that's okay. One thing at a time I keep telling myself!

I am trying to do something with Jessica's room. At the moment it's very thrown together. I have searched high and low for some nice white shelves to put these pictures on but couldn't find any so Josh and I are having a go at making some.
I love the colours!! I also started a quilt in similar colours just before Jessica was born which I need to finish.

Sarah is growing up now, and I am collecting bits and pieces to give her room a makeover for her birthday based on these colours.
Hannah is still sharing a room with Olivia at the moment but we are planning to move her into her own room soon. I haven't even thought about her room yet, but I am planning her birthday party. I've seen this baking party and are using similar colours and themes.I'd like to also somehow incorporate the silhouette theme into the party also. We'll see.

Then there's the ongoing project of our house and garden! We have pretty much landscaped the backyard to something that we can work with. It would drive me crazy before. Every time the kids would go outside they would bring mulch and dirt in, but now we have grass! I've never been so excited about grass in my life!

Anyway, very much a thrown together update of this and that! I'll leave it there!

I hope you're enjoying your weekend!

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