Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today we entered into a 15 year life changing commitment!

We bought a dog.  We named him Prince!

We haven't brought him home yet but we will pick him up on the 14th February.

Sarah has been begging for a dog for years!  We bought her a cat, 2 fish and 6 chickens but it just wasn't good enough!  Josh was raised with dogs so he was a little more keen than I was.  I was just straight out No!  Dogs smell, we are not getting a dog!

But, Sarah continued begging.

She collected every reference book about dogs, and has written pages and pages and pages in her diary about what she has learnt about looking after dogs.  Just before Christmas Josh and I gave in and said we'd buy a dog after we got back from our holiday.

As we were coming home I looked on all classifieds and found an add for the puppies.  We called and sure enough there were two black and white Border Collies left.

The puppies are on a farm just near Cooma.  Their mum and dad both work the sheep.  Mum, ginger, is a ginger Border Collie and has the most beautiful gentle nature.

We didn't say yes immediately.

Josh never says yes immediately.

We talked it over all the way home and decided yes..... then no, then yes, then no, then researched some more.  Josh wanted a slightly bigger dog and ginger is a small border collie.  We compromised and bought a male in the hope that he grows slightly bigger than his mum (apparently the Dad is slightly bigger).

We're all very excited about the puppy but we are also feeling the weight of this decision.  Someone is going to have to walk the dog.  Everyday!

I hope you're having a good week!


PS Any tips about raising a Border Collie would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. Love your header and all these recent posts!!

    The only thing I can think of is keep it's teeth clean. You'll have to brush it's teeth from a young age so it gets use to it. Our dog that we gave to my parents is going to cost $1000 to get it's teeth cleaned/fixed :/

  2. Oh no Frances! Yuck! I think that will be Josh's job LOL!

  3. Gorgeous!!!! Definitely positives and negatives but I do think the positives will be greater ;)

  4. I agree with Mel. Dogs will protect your family & house, they will teach your kids responsibility, you guys will be super fit as you have to walk them everyday (i think I need a dog - lol)Lots more positives than negatives... You'll love having a dog!! ;)

  5. I just want to see Ruth brushing the dogs teeth!!!! LOL I hope the kids don't use your toothbrush to do it Ruth. But I guess, now your dog owner you won't mind a bit if slobber! JD


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