Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day Memory and Ideas

Valentines day 1995, I was 15 and Josh was 22.  I don't remember what we did but I remember the anticipation very well.

I was at college and Josh invited me to meet him for lunch.  I was SO excited!  The day and moment could not come fast enough!

It was that day that Josh first told be he loved me!  He gave me a tape, it was him singing a love song he wrote to me.  So sweet!  He was so nervous about it!  I sought out a walkman from my college friends and listened to the tape at least 100 times!  I memorized the lyrics, everything!  I still remember the song so well.  I need to find that tape....

When you look, into my eyes,
The feeling that I feel I can't deny....

I'll spare you the agony of the rest of the song!

We celebrate valentines day every year.  Not with teddy bears holding love hearts and the comercialiesd roses and chocolates but we celebrate the day to reflect the love we have for each other and the anniversary of the 'that day' 17 years ago!

 Here are a few cute little recipes, tutorials and inspiration that can make valentines day even sweeter!


We're not doing anything particularly special together on valentines day this year.  I'll make a nice dinner and we'll have a special dinner with the family.  We'll tell the girls how special it is to save the first kiss their future husbands.  They are doing this program in Sunday School this term.  Josh and I are looking forward to Wednesday when we'll drive to Cooma to pick up the new puppy and stop somewhere on the way for a special brunch!

Happy valentines for tomorrow!

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