Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favourites

Here are some of the gorgeous photos that have been floating around on the Internet this week :)

This picture is tempting me to have another go at cake pops!  I made some for Hannah's baking party last year (which I didn't blog!) but they were too sweet.  I've love to try again and these here are just gorgeous!

Only 5 months now to Christmas! These are gorgeous! 

I have always wanted white bedrooms for my girls but they always get pen on their doonas, etc.  These cushions are gorgeous though and I imagine they would be fairly simple to make using this tutorial here.

I have no purpose for this carnation curtain but I think it's gorgeous!  Even on a single string for a garland would be gorgeous.

This picture gets me every time and I can't believe I've never made these for my daughters.  I must put them on the to do list before Jessica get's too old!

I hope you have a wonderful inspiring weekend!

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