Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sarah's 10th Party

We had a slumber party planned for Sarah's birthday party this year. 8 friends were coming to sleep over and the anticipation for this night has been huge, especially as this was her first sleep over party!

We had everything all ready! Mouse cake made, decorations up, dinner ready to go (home made pizza!), everything! Sarah and Hannah were both unwell but ok.  We were sure they'd be fine for the party.  I let them  lay around recovering for most of the day until about 3.30 when I noticed them both become a bit teary and gave them both a panadol. By 4.30, 1 hour before everyone was supposed to come, Sarah could barely breath and her temperature was high 39s (even after panadol!)!! Sarah reassured me she'd be fine but we couldn't risk passing it on or Sarah getting worse so I called around and cancelled the party.

It was SO sad!

I could hear the disappointment in each of the girls voices who answered the phone! There were tears all around! It was terrible!!

Luckily one of Sarah's friends had arrived early and was allowed to stay even thought Sarah was sick and her 2 cousins from Sydney also braved the sick house.  We went ahead, played a few games and had a party!

Sarah and Hannah are hopefully on the mend and me? I do not ever want to have to cancel a party again!  

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