Monday, October 15, 2012

Floriade 2012

Well it's back to school today for the three older girls!  The morning went well with everyone up and ready early.  A good morning here is when I don't have to raise my voice or nag kids to get out of bed or get dressed and we get everyone to school on time!

We had a wonderful school holidays!  We had originally planned on going away but the weather wasn't looking good.  As much as I love going away, I really, really love being at home and enjoying time to just be.  

We managed to get to floriade twice with family and friends - the girls went a few extra times without me as well, I think Sarah went 5 times and got fairy floss each time!  

The animals are our very favourite part of floriade believe it or not!  This time Jessica was old enough to walk around with them.  I was so surprised that she was not scared!  She calls them all 'doggie'.

Poor Olivia was getting over the flu so spent much of the time squished in the back of Jessica's pram.  

The weather was just perfect!  Floriade has to be one of the best places to take photos!!

A bit of a photo overload coming up....

On our first trip we met up with my cousins.  That was a real treat as it's been ages since I have seen them!

The flowers were gorgeous!!  We have so many photos of the flowers thanks to Hannah practicing her photography.  I love uploading the girls' photos after a day out!

Seeing them walking together like this just melts my heart!

We even got stopped by Better Homes and Gardens for some footage of the kids smelling the flowers.  That was pretty special!

Have a wonderful week!!

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