Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Olivia's last day of preschool

Today is Olivia's last day of preschool!

I am in total disbelief that she has just finished a year of preschool and will be heading off to 'big school' next year.

Olivia has grown up so much this year it's unbelievable!  I wrote this post here about being nervous for her on her first day and then this post the day she cried and kicked and screamed as I left.  Olivia is not that same little girl!

About half way through the year Olivia made a change. She began to talk about her friends and was eager to see them at preschool each week.  I noticed Olivia develop more confidence and join in with the other kids before school.

Now, each day when I pick Olivia up she is not ready to leave!  She sees me, dumps her bag at my feet and runs off for one last play!  She has made the sweetest little friend and I have a feeling these two will be long time friends.  I am really hoping they will be in the same class next year.

This morning was her preschool concert which was just so cute.  Olivia was right up the back but was watching us the whole time!  She knew all the words and actions and they were all just so cute!

I am so proud of this little girl!

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