Thursday, December 20, 2012

The littlest rascal

I am in denial that this little baby is nearly 2!  Well she's not nearly two, it's almost two whole months - but still!

I wish so badly that I could step back in time and kiss the sweet cheeks of this newborn baby, but at the same time I'm just loving watching this girl develop her own little personality!

Last week Jess experienced her worst fall.  It was so sad!  I held myself together when it happened then cried all the way home!  She stepped backwards down the playground steps at the preschool and fell all the way to the bottom.  It was a terrible fall and I was sure she had broken her neck as I watched her fall.  After taking Jessie home and stripping her off this was the only bruise I found.

Which looked like this after hitting the same eye on the corner of the table at her daddy's work two days later!

And now is just a huge browny coloured black eye!

A few days ago, mum and dad were moving into their house, Sarah took the day of school to help.  She was outside with Jess taking pictures and I was so pleased when she showed me!  I really think my 8 and 10 year olds are better photographers than me already!


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