Sunday, October 2, 2016

So much has happened!

It has been over two years since I have posted to this blog and so much has happened!

The biggest change, of course, being the addition of another little one to our family!

He is the sweetest, most delightful boy and I am totally smitten!

Meet Daniel...

This little rascal is 15 months old now and is getting more and more confident walking around.  He still drops to his knees and does his super fast crawl if he's in a hurry but mostly does his cute 'Frankenstein' walk around the house.

Here's 15 things about our little Daniel:
1.  I think he is the most spoilt little boy in the universe!  His big sisters completely dote over him!
2.  He is completely into balls!  Ball was his first 'real' word.  He will crawl over the most uncomfortable things to get a ball!
3.  He is a Daddy's boy.  He'll come back around.
4.  When he doesn't want something he will throw it, and his has a really good throwing arm!
5.  Like his sisters, he's a really good sleeper.  He sleeps all night and goes down really well for naps.  At the moment I put him into his cot on his tummy, give him his dummy and he curls up into a little ball and does a little giggle.  I just lay some blankets over and say good night.
6.  He loves to annoy his sisters.  If he can get his hands on something they want he will laugh and crawl away as fast as he can.
7.  He loves opening cupboards and finding anything breakable or opening draws and throwing the contents across the room.
8.  He says a few words - ball, mumma, dadda, more, no, wow, o-oh, nana (banana), broom-broom.
9.  He's a little show off.  If you give him attention he completely laps it up!
10.  He loves music!  He will clap, raise his hands and sing along.  He loves church!
11.  He's a people person.  Although he's cautions, he doesn't mind going with new people.
12.  He loves being outside.  If he hears the back door open, his is outside in a flash.
13.  He loves to play with his sisters.  His favourite game is throwing the ball back and forth.
14.  He loves to ride his little three wheeler bike and can go quite fast!
15.  He is loved!

And there you have it, probably the biggest change since I last posted :)


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