Friday, March 14, 2008

Thinking in real time....

Yesterday was not a good day, it should have been, but it was not. I have worked out what it was though and am feeling much better about the days ahead. I am going to have to think in real time.

I think this is going to be a much needed 'mummy tool' in the future as I learn to juggle 3 children. Yesterday I think I had planned my day as though I only had bub. I planned...

Take Missy to school
Book airflight over phone for my Nana and Aunty
Potter's House Bible Study
Meet Hubby for lunch
Buy James a b'day pressie
Pick up Missy
Purchase one book for each child at the school book fair
Missys homework/piano practice
Missy's Piano Lesson
Night routine

On a normal day this would have been fine, but I neglected to have a bit of forethought in real time.

This should have included..

What if something takes longer than usual...
What is Cherub needs extra feeds
What if I'm running late
What if the girls are playing up

mmm... now I know, although I did manage to do all these things, a little forethought in real time and planning for things to go wrong can prevent a lot of mummy stress and create opportunities for teaching the children lessons about life , encouraging them rather than screaming for them to hurry up.

Today I learned my lesson... I said 'no' when I knew it would not fit into an already busy day and am really trying to work out in my head whether I have time for swimming after school as well as visiting Mum and Dad and then having the youth over and possibly even a guest for dinner. If not, the kids can play in the backyard pool and probably have just as much fun... mmm.. sounds like a great idea.

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