Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time to Reflect!

I've decided to use this blog a bit more now - really as a journal more than anything. I'd like to, when possible, just reflect on my day, my goals.

So, lets get started....

Today is Saturday and I did not accomplish a lot - well in my eyes anyway. Maybe if I get that huge load of washing (that is currently sitting on my lounge room floor) folded, I would content with my achievements today.

This morning I decorated a cake for a friends Dedication. I'm quite proud of what it looks like. It took me all morning (and probably a bit more) but it's done. The writing was the most difficult and really the reason why I have never decorated a cake for my own girls' Dedications. I just fork out the money instead! Anyway, I was challenged to give it a go and I think it's quite good. I was chatting with my Auntie about how to do the writing and she suggested I trace the writing onto baking paper and then trace over it onto the cake - putting a slight dint into the icing. This worked well (I actually used 'Go Between' instead as I thought it would not break so easy.)

For the decorations I used a ceramic set of booties - so cute!, a nice blue ribbon and a string a pearly type things.

Here's the picture...not a good one as the cake was sitting in my fridge!!
This afternoon I achieved nothing really apart from cleaning the house. That may sound like a lot but really not much... just a bit of this and that. I spent about 30 min playing 'scramble' then thought I'd update my blog.

I have a few goals currently:
* Scrapbooking: continue to work on Cherub's 12 month transparent album - an idea I got from here.
* Sewing: I want to try adopt the idea of these cute shoes that you hang (see here)
Gardening:Plant a climbing, thorn-less rose to grow over the path leading from the deck to the back ward. I'll probably head out to Piallago for that.
* Cooking: I need to experiment more! DH always seems to enjoy the meal more when it's one I have thrown together. I'm going to try and combine the things he likes - ie. pie crusts, creamy sauces, distinct flavours etc.

Well that's enough for now - I feel a bit more accountable now, having put these goals on the blog.

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