Monday, April 14, 2008

Redeem the Time!

Tonight I have been thinking that I really want to redeem the time I have with the girls these school holidays. I find it so easy to just go about my own thing and miss out on special opportunities to make memories.

Here is my plan....
I've chosen a number of possible activities for the school holidays. From the list the girls will choose their 5 favourites. I will then pop their chosen activities into our 2 week calendar.

This will help in two ways:
1. I will be accountable to the girls because they will know the plans, and
2. I will be able to plan the days and be more organised.

Here's my list:
1. Painting a canvas each for their wall
2. Make, then play with play-dough
3. Safari tour in our home - I will hide stuffed animals around the house and the kids will go hunting for them .
4. Cubby building - one of my favourites as a kid. We used to use all the blankets, pillows, ironing bored and clothes hoist etc.
5. Questacon or War Memorial
6. Bus trip
7. Picnic at the park
8. Construction - make some big things from recycled boxes.
9. Choosing then planting flowers
10. Cooking

I know these activities sound simple but that's the idea. They're all do-able and require only a small amount of money. I also have some of their Christmas presents stashed away in-case of a rainy day. As a surprise, DH will take a day off and we're going to Cockington Green.

If this works well, we may make it a school holiday tradition.

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