Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Busy kids = Happy Mum

I asked the children today which of the activities they would like to do in the holiday. After announcing each activity I got a big YEAH! Only 5 I insisted - they managed to twist my arm for 6 :) I'm going to attempt to update our family blog each day with the details.

Tuesday: Cooking
Wednesday: Safari
Thursday: Questacon
Friday: Painting canvases for their rooms. I love Becky Higgins' idea shown in the photo below.
I may have to get two canvases each - one for my idea, another for theirs :)Monday: Make a cubby
Tuesday: Picnic at the park.

So far it seems doable and I can still get some things done. Tomorrow's plan is to get caught up on my massive pile of ironing and finish off my cherub's wall canvases. I will post up a picture of my artistic attempt tomorrow *cringe!*

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