Saturday, May 17, 2008

A late post..

It's late and I'm just browsing through your blogs. I've really wanted to post but haven't really had a chance recently. I haven't been home much during the day and have been staying off the computer when Hubby's home. Anyway... I'm gonna have a ramble about some things that are going on here...

At the moment I'm making Rob's 40th cake. Thought I'd do a big '40' Chocolate Mud cake. To decorate I'm just going to drizzle over a nice chocolate ganache and then outline with white chocolate. The cakes currently cooling - the main reason I'm still up. Have you ever tried to remove cold Mud cake from a cake tin? Not good unless you're planning to eat it with a spoon.

Two main things I'm going to get stuck into while DH is away...
1. Cherub's Transparent Album
So far I've done a few pages and I'm loving it! So different yet so pretty!

2. Cleaning up the yard. Perfect time of the year to get stuck into that garden!

Anyway, hope you all have an awesome weekend!


  1. Well that makes me a sook too cause I'm exactly the same when Aaron goes away! Wanna come over with the kids one day?

  2. I can't stand Leon doing just one night shift... lol
    Please post a pic of the cake!! It sounds very nice :)

  3. The cake was AWESOME!!! And silly me forgot to take pics!!! I was definitely kicking myself afterwards.

    Ruth is such a talented little chookie. And she is so, so generous. I love her to bits and pieces.

  4. I agree with heather, the cake looked awesome!!


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