Monday, May 26, 2008


Mondays are usually pretty hectic for me, but I'm kinda proud to say I think I'm getting the hang of things around here! Last week it took me two days to get the 'weekly' cleaning done but today I managed to get it done today(by about 2.45)! I feeling pretty satisfied! It's such a good feeling!

Mum and Dad are home now after being in Darwin for the weekend. They popped in for dinner. I hadn't planned dessert but my first batch of cupcakes flopped! Missy had been wanting to crack the egg and for some reason I totally forgot it all together (until she asked me about it when they were in the oven). Anyway, it turned out well because they made a beautiful tasting pudding! Dad went back for at least thirds!

Anyway, what do you guys do... do you clean/wash all in one day, do you spread it over the week, do it when it needs to be done? I was wondering that today....


  1. I spread it out over the week. Mondays are tidying and dusting, cleaning bedrooms and washing clothes, Tuesdays are bathroom/toilet scrubbing, kitchen cleaning and washing, wednesdays are tidy up, vacuum and mopping days and washing, thursdays are swimming lessons and washing, friday is groceries and errands... weekends are psycho and mainly outdoor days ...then it all starts again... and that is a good week when everything is going my way... otherwise it is a hasty shove everything in my room and close the door before hfg starts on wednesday:P

  2. i prefer to do it in one day - then i can sit back and think "my house sparkles". except an hour or two later when kids are up, hubby is home, dinner is being cooked, it no longer looks like it sparkles! and anyway, even if all the washing is done, the ironing spills over to the next day or two. or three. ;-)

  3. oh man you guys are so organised!! I don't have a system but I'm starting to think that perhaps I should adopt one!! lol my house never sparkles....

  4. I have one day (usually Mondays) that is a big clean up of the whole house including the washing. Then another day (usually Fridays) is a smaller clean up....but somehow it feels like I am cleaning every day of the week ;)

  5. On Mondays I do bathroom/toilet, vacumn, mop, dusting, inside windows and mirrors, strip beds and change towels. I also spread my washing out through the week. I do it anyday I have time to get a load or two out. Some days I even wash at night. I usually give my kitchen a good scrup on Tuesdays and vacumn when it needs it throughout the week. I feel like I'm forever tidying up though! Thanks for sharing. I find it really interesting to see what others do and their reasons for doing it that way.


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