Monday, June 23, 2008

Heidi's Cake

Here are some pictures of the cake I did for Heidi's 18th. The two top layers were chocolate mud and the bottom layer was a white chocolate mud. This cake was SUCH a learning experience for me, and took me quite a while because of it. It was mostly enjoyable though! Some people have asked me if I'd do it again.. well... depends who for!!! Let's say, if i did it again, I'd do it's slightly different :)
Here's the Birthday Girl!


  1. Wow I can't believe that you made this cake!! It is excellent and I especially love the 2 little ones at the front. You have done a wonderful job. You will have to show me how you do them.

  2. Absolutly gorgeous Ruth!! You are VERY clever... Did you design it??

  3. What name are you going to give your cake decorating business?

    Don't worry about competition ... once they see your work, they'll realise they can't compete and they'll close up shop!!!

  4. Kirsty.. do you mean the little Pirate and Princess when you say the "2 little ones" If you did, they're candles - I didn't make them! If you didn't I'm guessing you mean the little upside down muffins :)

    Frances, No, I got the idea from another cake when Heidi and I were searching for 'the perfect cake'. I'm not going to post it up here though becuase it's SO MUCH better than mine :)

    Heather, lol... after the tension in the household this past week I think I'll go into the "eating decorated cakes" business!! Mind you, this is my first attempt at a layered cake.

  5. lol I knew they were candles I just think that they look cute sitting in front of the big cake.


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