Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Handbag to Eat.

Well, anyone who's not interested in cake decorating is probably bored with my posts recently, but I've really been enjoying trying new things and learning new techniques.

Here's a cake I made for my daughter's 6th birthday. It's from the 2007 Donna Hay kids issue. I saw it after Sarah's birthday last year and new I had to make it this year! It was a very simple cake with licorice straps etc. The flowers were made from fondant with royal icing centers. It was VERY rushed! Here are some cupcakes I took to my Sis in laws last week. I wanted to try the techniques of rolling fondant flowers. The cupcakes were mudcake as has been most of the cakes I make. I'm looking forward to trying a few other recipes over the next few weeks.


  1. Looks great Ruth :)Your probably sick of hearing this but i'm going to say it again anyway - You are so clever!! Love the roses too!!
    I can't believe she is 6 already? When I first met her she was just a little girl sitting in the pram & you were pregnant with Hannah. Hasn't time flown by...

  2. How could we be bored with such works of art? What a silly billy notion!!!

    You're such a clever, clever girl. If I had 10% of the talent you have, I'd be posting pics up all the time!!!!

  3. Thanks Frances!

    Heather!! Don't get me started it's 12.30am!

  4. Cakes are just looking great Ruth, your handbag cake is just superb, keep on being very clever you clever chick.

  5. I love the handbag - very cute.

    I have just been trying some decorating myself - I made a banana cake with cream cheese frosting and a butter cake with pink fondant, hearts in pink and blue it didn't turn out too bad. I didn't post the pics cus it had icing sugar show in the pics in some places lol

  6. Kirsty - post it anyway. It's great to see how you get better over time :)

  7. I must say those cupcakes tasted as good as they look!!!!!


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