Saturday, July 5, 2008

Booties from fondant!

The past few days I have been working on a dedication cake for a friend's new baby. I can't believe how much I'm learning everytime I do a cake!! It's amazing and I've still got SO FAR to go!!

Here's some pics:I'm particarly happy with the writing on the cake. I've discovered a technique that works for me.

My next project begins Monday with a cake for Sarah's birthday. Was planning on doing a handbag cake but am thinking on doing something she's more into such as animals. Maybe even modelling some animals?!?!

Josh's Step Mum has also retired as of Friday so I'm doing a mini version of this cake for her.


  1. Ruth, you are one of the most CLEVER & TALENTED people I know... What a beautiful cake... You are sooooooooooooooooooooo gifted :)

  2. Oh Ruth that cake turned out beautiful. I especially love the way the shoes turned out. As for the other cake that looks great to try next.

  3. Frances is not exaggerating!!! It's beautiful. And the writing looks simply wonderful.

    Can you do a dedication cake for my next baby ... pleeeeeeeaaaaaaz?

  4. Frances - thank you. This is something I'm finding suits me! I think you're a very talented cook and scrapper too!

  5. Thanks Kirsty!

    Heather - once you find out what you're having let me know and I'll find a cake that's suitable! How many weeks till you find out? Must be about 8 by now hey?

  6. lol yes Heather is there something your not telling us?? There has been something in the water at the church these days - have you been drinking the baby water?? lol

  7. Did I say I was having a baby?

    Oops, my mistake!!


  8. Oh.. Gertie!! I thought I could have started another rumour!

  9. You can if you like!! That would be fun ...

    Make sure it gets to the right ears ...

    Don't worry about the left ones!!

    (I think I must be really tired)

  10. You're a dag! I hope noone's read the comments or they'd know I'm just trying to start a rumour!


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