Wednesday, July 2, 2008

School Holidays Next Week!

I'm really looking forward to the school holidays next week! Not just so I can throw routine out the window for two weeks but just so I can enjoy the kids! Ever since Sarah has started school it seems like she's growing up much faster. She's coming home with all these little girl sayings like "whatever" and "pinky promise"! I just want to freeze the time and enjoy them for a while. I spent the morning with a sister-in-law who's expecting in a few weeks and I can't believe that time has flown already since Olivia was born but more so since Sarah was a baby. Sarah will be turning 6 next Thursday! Where has the time gone? Time is made up of moments and I'm looking forward to enjoying the moments.

On the plan so far is a trip to Questacon for Sarah's b'day and she'll also be spending some special time (3 nights) with Grandma and Ahdad before they go to Europe. While Sarah's away I'll be working on a handbag cake for her birthday and making some gifts for her with Hannah. We're not sure what just yet but we've got a few things in mind. A hanging mobile for her room, some pretty necklaces or bracelets made with beads and of course a very special card.

Anyway, what's your plan for the holidays??


  1. I was just thinking back, the other day, to when you were a little girl of about 4 or 5. You were soooooo dainty and sweet.

    And now you're a beautiful mother of three gorgeous little princesses.

  2. Awww, thanks lovie.... so, what's you plan for the hols?

  3. Hmmm, let's see ... both Tuesdays are booked to spend with Rob's mum and three cousins - otherwise, we's living on Chillin' Out Street!

    Mind you, I think I should get my act together and plan something for Matthew's birthday.

    We would love to do something with you and the princesses if you're up to it!

  4. DO you all want to get together one day over the holidays? The mums can have a coffe and kids can play?? Let me know if you are interested?

    I noticed that Sarah is getting quite tall too she seems to even look all grown - not a little kid anymore.

  5. Sounds good to me... how 'bout we figure something out via e-mail so we don't get some strangers gatecrashing our little party :)


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