Monday, August 18, 2008

5 by October

I am going to take this challenge and get 5 projects finished by the end of October. If you want to take this challenge also the rules are:

1. Post the image above in your sidebar with a list of your projects.
2. Reguarly update your blog with where you are up to with your projects.
3. You choose the project - big or small, crafty or non-crafty, but make it a challenge!

Simple hey!?!

Most of my projects are unfinished things I have started:
1. Olivia's 'little one' mini album
2. Noah's Ark cross stitch I begun before Sarah was born
3. A Stichery I begun for my mum some time ago
4. Finish a bag I started about 2 years ago
5. Finish a patchwork wall hanging I messed up part way through.

That's a heap for me but hey! At least I've got something to focus on!!

I'll post some pics of where I'm up to on these soon.


  1. hmmm...what a good idea. I particularly like that you're 'finishing' off rather than launching into 5 new projects. Maybe I'll give it a go...plenty of stuff to finish off here! And nothing like a little public sort of 'accountability' to help with the motivation ;)

  2. Do you want me to come over and look after Olivia for you? While Benjy and Hannah get married or something???


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