Thursday, August 21, 2008

Look what arrived in the mail!

I am SO excited to own this book! I Love it!! It has to be the most gaudy book I've ever seen yet it is just beautiful - the pages are fine with the gold edging etc. I got it on sale here at Barnes and Nobel. It has seven of Jane Austen's novels-Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northhanger Abbey, Persuasion and Lady Susan.
Mum and Dad just recently got back from a trip to Europe. While they were there headed out South-West of London. I'd been talking to my mum before they went about visiting this place I'd seen on Getaway a long time ago but had no idea what it was called. Anyway, Mum called me and said she was in Cotswold - look on the Internet and see how far away this place was. I looked it up on the Getaway website and sure enough it was Cotswold!! I couldn't believe she was THERE!! She said she just wanted to take photos of everything! Here are some of the postcards.
(and Bath)


  1. OK, Ruth ... now you've done it!!!

    Now I'm gonna hafta repent 'cause I'm jealous!!!!

    But how can I justify another Jane Austen book when I have almost the whole collection of novels.

    Hmmmm ... maybe I can find a way!!!

    And Cotswold ... I won't even get started!!!!

  2. Mmmmm. Gorgeous! And the weather is slowly changing, so on those sunny days you can sit out in your backyard under a tree and read and pretend you are in Cotswold :)

  3. you should have seen the house Bill and Robyn lived in while in England. It was gorgeous! Talk about feeling like Elizabeth Bennett!! (btw - love the Jane Austen book) I'll have to get them to send me some pictures of the house. It was called 'The Coach House'and was in Weybridge, Surrey.

  4. The Coach House!! Love the name! My great, great, great..... grandfather apparently was a coachman in the house of Dune. Dad just found that out on his trip.


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