Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A really, really long waffle!

It's been a while since I've been able to post so I thought I'd just let you know what I've been up to. The family was sick for way too long and are now pretty much over that dreaded lurgy. I'm now fighting a sore throat and am praying hard that I do not get sick. So far I'm pretty much living on Panadol and managing to keep the aches at bay.

As for what I've been up to...
Yesterday I changed the family room around and cleaned out the buffet and hutch. I'm quite happy with what I've done although I (with the help of my ruthless Mum) ripped the cover off an old electric heater. It was still sticking out way to far so I cut the sticky-outty bits off with secateurs. At one stage Mum said, "who's home" meaning which man could we get to come and help us? Dad?!?! I said. Ahh... no! No way! So we did it ourselves. Josh knows what we've done but the true damage is now hidden by the buffet and hutch!!

I'm planning to paint the family room soon so we'll take the heater out properly and patch up the wall. I'm still trying to decide on the actual colour I'm going to paint. I've been loving white walls but am concerned with the cold look and really want to keep the cosy feel. At the moment I'm thinking of going duck egg blue. I also want to look into the cost of putting a white wood panel on the bottom half of the wall. Anyway, it's all up in the air at the moment. Not a necessity right now so we may wait.
Sadie Olivie - I love these colours (and her photography!)

Last Thursday/Friday I converted my dirt patch into a nice garden bed. Some of you may remember I pulled out the conifer patch and hedge that was next to the garage. The hedge kept dropping prickles on the pavers and the kids were always hopping up to the back door for me to pull out a prickles!

Anyway, I now have camellias at the back under the large pines, then daphne, butterfly lavender and a new English box hedge. I really wanted roses but realistically there wasn't enough all-day sun in that spot. Other than the hedge I've been tidying up the yard and planting pansies and a few other pretty annuals.

As for the challenge I'm WAY behind! I should have made it things I had to get done rather than things I wanted to get done! I've pretty much finished the had stitching on the bag and will hopefully get it sewn up by the end of the week.

So that's what I've been up to... here are some nice pics ...I can't link all of the pics but you can probably find a link in my blog roll. The first is from Inspired room.


  1. wow! busy :) mum mentioned she saw you at bunnings buying camellia's too. hope you feel better soon. I LOVE the last picture you have up :) (so disappointed you can't make it to my birthday :( There's quite a few who can't and I even looked into changing the date but we have year 5 camp so it just wasn't doable. Have a great time away tho :)

  2. When you're finished being ruthless at your house (although, your household will never really be "Ruthless"), you can come over to my place and be ruthless!!!!

    I can't wait to see what you do to your place - it sounds very exciting!!!

    I will be praying with you that you avoid the dreaded lurgy. The last thing you need is to be infected with that nasty bug.


  3. for someone who has had a family not well and your not feeling so well you sure get alot done!! Painting is so much fun, can't wait to see what colour you choose. Beautiful I am sure...


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