Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Simple Mom

I love reading this lady's blog! She has the ability to inspire me to do house work! Can you believe it!

I've purchased her online spring cleaning manual ($7 I think) and it has a step by step on how to spring clean your home in 10 days and still have a life in the meantime. The first part is decluttering. I'm not bad with clutter, actually I'm probably a bit too much the other way - I tend to be always filling up boxes for the op-shop. Anyway, I've been purging CDs, DVDs, tapes books and plain old things at the moment in preparation for the 10 day spring clean. I'll let you know when I get started and will (if I get to it) fill you in on what I'm doing each day. I'm planning on getting started once we get home from Melbourne.

As for today I'm feeling a bit better thanks to the few nights when I'm managing to get to bed earlier. Today my plan is to put an hour into my challenge projects, meet a friend for coffee (get some inspriation from her because she's just lost 30kgs in a few months!) and maybe even look around the shops for some springish clothes. But first I've got to put all this folding and ironing away. Do you guys ever fold then leave it there for ages before you put it away? I'm terrible at that! I just took a picture of it too!


  1. lol thats funny about your folding. you will have to give us some tips on how to springclean our places in 10 days. Sounds interesting!! Any help would be good.....

  2. u know it's funny, cause I'm planning a spring clean over the next few weeks (before I get too big and while I've apparently still got energy!) and was just thinking I'd start at the top and work down. But I might go check out that blog first cause having a life while getting it done sounds very appealing! Thanks for sharing :)

    The idea of someone that can inspire housecleaning is definitely worth checking out!!

    Also, if I don't get the washing folded straight from the line or dryer and put away it tends to get stuck in the basket ;)

  3. I fold my washing off the line ... and then it sits in the basket until I can get the impetus to put it away ... such as when the boys run out of undies or socks!!!!

    I've been thinking about cleaning out my cupboards ... my philosophy is "why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?" ... ahem!!!

    Your folding looks very pretty sitting there ... I think I'd leave it there, too, if I had such pretty laundry!!!

  4. Hi Ruth, can you give me the blog address for the simple mom please? I would like to check it out...

  5. Simple Mom: http://simplemom.net/

  6. Kirsty... my goodness go to bed!

  7. lol You scared me!! but you are still up....

  8. Just twittering but am on my way to bed and keep hearing the bee-boop sound that an e-mail came in.

    Night, night!


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