Monday, October 27, 2008

Things that make me smile today :)

(in no particular order)

My garden is looking really nice - especially the roses :)

My peony rose has over 10 flowers :)

No frost since I planted the tomatoes - so far so good :)

I'm over my addiction to blogs and cute websites :)

Hannah thinks white bread tastes like play-doh and refused to eat a white bread sandwich :)

We had been (innocently) driving around in an un-registered car for 3 weeks and didn't have an accident or get caught :)

My little Olivia is just the sweetest little baby - I could eat her up :)

Picking Mum up on Friday with Olivia in a dress I made while she was away :)

The little girl next door (who is like another sister to the girls) plays with Hannah most days :)

Sarah's has had vita-britz three mornings in a row and eaten it quickly without complaining :)

A new magazine I bought yesterday :)
(can't remember the name and I left it on Olivia's change table- not worth waking her up for)

Waving good-bye to my little kindy girl who's SO excited about her excursion today, Heidi picking her up at the stairs and getting a goldfish after school :)

I'm feeling on top of housework and looking forward to a great week :)


  1. ohh that sounds just lovely and actually quite paceful reading that....

  2. love that idea of writing things that made you smile :) so, gonna post a pic of the dress you made??!

  3. I may post a pic of Olivia if I manage to be organised enough to grab a pic tomorrow. I really want to finish the other two in the morning before we go - who know if it's possible.


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