Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time for some reflection and a cuppa!

Well as the title of the blog says it must be time to reflect.
- Slept in til about 8am.
- Fed Olivia
- Made porrige for Josh, Hannah and I
- Got a phone call from Jono about Sarah at camp- Chatted with Josh about our girls and how we may deal with various issues in the future.
- Quick clean up inside.
- Fed Olivia 2 vitabritz
- Olivia down to sleep
- Gardening
- Josh home from Bunnings hungry. Vegemite on toast for me, leftovers for Josh, jam sandwich for Hannah (she wanted a cheese one too but didn't get to that)
- Back to the garden
- Hannah changed her clothes - happening frequently these days!
- Gave Olivia a feed and brought her down the back yard to watch.
- More gardening
- Thinking about Sarah a lot. Hoping she's having fun.
- Helped Josh move some large pieces of wood - I wasn't really much help though becuase I wouldn't touch them with my hands. Too many red-backs!
- Played with Olivia on the trampoline - she loved it and can bounce :)
- Exhaustion set in about now.
- Fed Olivia some veges mixed with pumpkin soup - tried to teach her 'where's your tongue?'
- Olivia whingey so down for a quick nap.
- Cooked some lemon and oregano marintaed chops from the latest Donna Hay recipe book. Served them with a baked spud, beans and corn.
- Hannah went missing from the table and came back in different clothes
- Altercation with Hannah over not changing clothes when they're not dirty
- Banana split for dessert
- Hannah now back at table after a big sulk in her room
- Washed dishes and coaxed Hannah to eat
- Yellow Superdooper for Hannah - she's decided she doesn't like the colour orange
- Worked on AYM flyer for tomorrow
- Hannah came in and announced she's changed Olivia's pooey nappy.
- Quick check of Olivia's cot for signs of poo - phew!
- Bathed Hannah and Olivia
- Feed for Olivia
- Quick shop at Woolies
- Hannah down to sleep late
- Decided to have Senior Youth BYO Lunch here tomorrow - will be up doing a quick clean now as I have to be at church early tomorrow to make sandwiches
- Olivia will go down as soon as I finish this post.
- Ouch... I think I might be burnt!

Well that was long! This is not my usual Saturday but will be fun to look back on one day. A usual day in the garden with everything out of routine.

Hope you had a lovely day too!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Sarah managed beautifully on such little sleep. She was very, very good.

    Sarah is a little treasure.

  3. Whoops Kirsty... deleted your comment! Sorry!

    Well she's back and had a great time!

  4. isn't it fun writing down everything you did in a day? You should do the week in a life thing!


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