Saturday, November 8, 2008

Random Ramblings :)

Been thinking about doing the week in my life posting. It would be great to look back on, but I fear I'll bore you guys with too much detail eg feed Olivia, bath children, washing, ironing, cleaning! The trend of my day is monotonous at the moment - not with regrets though. I'm loving this season of life at the moment.

The past week here has been great. I've put a bit more work into Olivia's dresses, worked in the garden, done more spring cleaning etc. Feel like a productive week. That to me is a good week :)

This morning I'm excited because I fixed the leek under the sink. I'd planned on calling a plumber but instead just started pulling stuff apart. The damage has been done already though but it's not unrepairable.

The highlight of my week has been our new colourbond fence! I love it and want to do all three fences now! (it's very expensive though- even after going halves with the neighbours). The new fence is down along the side where the girls climb over and play with the kids next door. If you go down the back of the yard you'll notice that the height of the fence drops off. This is so the kids can keep climbing. I guess this arrangement (of the kids going back and forth) suits both of us - we've got great neighbours!


  1. you should definitely do it Ruth, forget about boring us - do it for yourself (altho I'm sure we'll all still read it and it won't be boring anyway! lol) it's not only good for a snapshot to look back on, it somehow just makes you that little more aware of the 'little moments' that make up everyday. I really enjoyed and think everyone should do it!! :)

    (will get off my soapbox now...!) and good on you for fixing the sink!! lol

  2. I love your pic of the roses Ruth, hope they were your kisses from God when you look and smell them!!

    I agree with Kylee, I think you should do it too and I never get bored reading your posts!!

  3. The book of Ruth - With Ruth ALL things are possible ; ) lol Good on you for fixing the sink!! I agree with the K's!! You should do it... I'm going to do a year in the life of us! I'm going to buy a stampin up scrapbooking/desk calender and do a scrap page of one special moment of that month for the whole of 2009. Please do it!! I know every one will enjoy it ;)


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