Monday, November 10, 2008


I've decided to do the week in my life...just not this week. It's going to be a really hectic week and while it may seem a good idea to jot it down I'm not sure that I'll have the time to upload photos and post everyday.

Today's been a fairly good day. As I've mentioned previously I try to clean the entire house on Mondays. A good day is when I get it done! I'm nearly there.

Some things that happened today:
~ Olivia learnt to roll again - She's 9 months old but she forgot how to roll because she doesn't like to be put on her back!! I think this also stems from the girls always moving her when she grizzles. Today I asked Hannah not to touch her but to leave her to learn to roll again. I kept going to her about every 10 min and rolling her over then putting her on her back. After about an hour she got the hang of it again.
~ Olivia pulled herself up to her feet - Josh was laying on the floor preparing HFG (the youth were using the lounge for prayer) and she pulled herself up on him.
~ I met the lady over the back fence for the first time in 8 years. I didn't think she ever came outside but she was at the back fence supervising her children building a cubby in the tree. Her children actually go to Trinity.
~ Sarah desperately wants mice so is saving up in her piggy bank for some.
~ Sarah realised that she'll never have an older brother or sister. This was quiet upsetting for her. She really wants an older brother to build her a cubby. She's decided to borrow her cousin (Joel) in the holidays.
~ I think Hannah may be an emotional eater. She's been terribly whingey all day and this afternoon I found her in her room eating milo from the tin!

Praying for some good news tomorrow so I'll let you know if so.....suspense.... I love it!!


  1. ohh the good news part sounds interesting.... now i am in suspense!! arrr

    I like this comment.... poor girl, aren't we all -
    " I think Hannah may be an emotional eater. She's been terribly whingey all day and this afternoon I found her in her room eating milo from the tin!"

  2. I'm glad to hear that you have decided to do - a week in your life. I look forward to reading along... :)

  3. have we got the good news yet?????

    it is tomorrow - today!!

  4. I can't think past another bub? I'm sure that's what everyone else is thinking too or am I the only one?? ;)

  5. so...2 days any news?!

  6. Wow... I really got you guys in suspense hey! I'm worried I've got you all excited about nothing. It's "good news" but probably much more exciting for me than you guys! LOL

  7. Yes totally!!! So can you tell us already????? We need to know now..... lol

  8. I don't want to tell you guys now as it will seem so insignificant! Let me just say it's good news for me! I don't want to say anything incase it doesn't happen :) Shouldn't be later than today though.


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