Sunday, December 14, 2008


It's been ages since I have had the opportunity to post and have really missed it. Everything has been so hectic around here over the past few weeks! I'm really looking forward to settling down into the holiday season. Today was my first quiet day - well literally! I've lost my voice. It's funny though because even the kids are whispering.So far I haven't done much Christmas decorating. I purchased the stand for my Willow Tree Nativity set. I only got the stand as it's the most expensive piece in the set. Now I only have one more 'mini set' to get and then I'll have the complete set (that will be next year).

I made a very simple red wreath for the front door a few weeks ago but haven't had the time to hang it so it will go up tomorrow along with the usual Christmas cards and other bits and pieces.

Last year I bought a home-made Christmas pudding which cost a fortune, so this year I've made several puddings - one for Christmas at Mum's, one for Christmas with Josh's family and one to test before we open the others. I'm really hoping they'll turn out ok.

This year for the first time the girls have been asking if we can have a Christmas Tree. I've given them a few reasons (in their language) but basically they just want somewhere to put the presents. I've brought a white cane chair in from outside which we've called the Christmas chair. It's going to look lovely too as I'm wrapping in red and white this year. On the subject, Sarah also told me it's sad how people just want to talk about Santa as Christmas and no one wants to talk about Jesus. It was so out of the blue but was an opportunity to encourage her to think of Jesus this Christmas.

I'll maybe put up some new pics next post of the things around our home.

Also, we finally got our good news! It took a while but on Thursday Josh got a call saying he had been successful in his job application! God is so good to us!

Anyway, I'd better check the kids are asleep and not taring the place apart!

Have a lovely week - I hope it's a quiet one!

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  1. Isn't it precious when one of your offspring delights you with such a wonderful and thought-provoking questions? Princess Sarah must want people to know that Jesus is the reason for the season!!!


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