Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winding down :)

Well finally this year is winding down and I'm loving it!

I've been totally inundated with mangos and have been busy trying different recipes. So far mango bread (recipezaar), mango sorbet (Donna Hay) and chicken and mango filo rolls (my own concoction) have been a hit. Today I'm picking up some jars from mum and am going to try mango chutney and mango jam. I'm looking forward to it. I love experimenting when the pressure's not on :)

Our family Christmas (brag) letter is done and cards are almost ready to go! I'll hopefulyl finish that tonight.

I Found this cute book 'The Nativity' by Julie Vivas ($3 can you believe!!!). The pictures are gorgeous! Dad tells the story of Jesus to the children when our families get together for Christmas so I'm going to take this one over to him.


  1. Maybe I should give you our mangoes ... it doesn't look I'm gonna get to them anytime soon!! If you want them, I'll take them around to you!!!

    I love those pics of Mary. Did she really look like that???


  2. Yes, it is good to see you winding down! And we had a mango tray which Andrew brought over. How about mango in salad - or curry! We have just been eating it fresh as they come.
    You are good at finding a bargain, and why not! Thank you for all your efforts this year with youth and everything! I can only aspire to your capabilities. And soon shall wind down myself. Take care and happy mango's! :-) (I'll get the cookie dough super soon!)

  3. I would love to try your mango jam if you get around to making it?? We have nearly eaten all of our mangos this year.

  4. I love that book! I used to read it to my class :)

    Happy cooking!


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