Monday, January 12, 2009

My favourite things...

Despite having a noisy home filled with 7 kids from 4 different families I am sitting at the computer enjoying hearing them all laugh together and form close friendships. Laughing children is one of my favourite things, here are just a few more...

~ a new journal

~ silver lined clouds

~ a inspirational magazine

~ a wiff of aftershave

~ a good greed salad

~ freshly cut grass

~ dark chocolate

~ a newborn baby

~ a quiet, cool, dark room on a hot day.

~ hot cup of sweet black tea in a delicate cup and saucer

~ coffee in one hand, bible on my lap before the children get up

~ a sleeping child

~ a candlelit dinner for two

~ background music

~ a good laugh

~ the smell in my garden after the rain

What about you?


  1. The feeling that the world around you is clean after the rain ...

    Pudgy little arms around me and a little voice saying "I love you, Mummy" ...

    Big lanky arms around me and a much bigger voice saying "I love you, Mum" ...

    Middle sized arms around me and a middled sized voice saying "I love you, Mum/my" ...

    My husband telling me that I'm special to him ...

  2. PS Thank you so, so much for having my children. They had a wonderful time. I asked Matthew if he missed me. Of course, he said "NO!!!"

    Love ya heaps xoxoxoxo

  3. Mmmmm..allthose things made me smile. It's a wonderful world :)

  4. Please find your award on my blog :-D


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