Thursday, February 12, 2009

The big day arrived for Hannah!

Hannah is officially a big preschool girl now! She was very excited this morning about going off to preschool. Before school she did everything that Sarah usually does including putting 'school socks' on. I could tell she was feeling very responsible about going off to school. She only had half a day today and begins with a full-day tomorrow. Oh and for some reason I had to take a picture of the new shoes!

Before school….

What did you do this morning before preschool? Brushed my teeth, Mummy brushed my hair, watched the news, ABC and played I spy on the computer.

What’s your teacher's name? I don't remember… Amanda and Christine?

What's in your bag? Cheese and banana?

What do you think about preschool? I think it's going to be a nice time.

What are looking forward to most? Painting and dress-ups

Do you know anyone at preschool yet? I think Nicholas, Matthew and Alicia

How do you feel about going to preschool? Good, excited.

Anything else you want to say? I love you and I like to swim, I am an animal lover and I love princesses and that's all.

What do you think about leaving Olivia at home by herself? I want to play with Olivia but I have to go to school. Bye, bye Olivia… I love you.

After school…

What did you do at preschool today? Painted, played dressups, Played with the kitchen with other people that are my friends, played play-dough, listened to a book called Gabby Puddle Duck.

Was preschool as exciting as you thought? mmm hmmm

What was the best thing about preschool today? Painting! I don’t' remember what I painted but I used blue, yellow and pink. My teacher said we're allowed to mix them together.

What were your teachers like? they were good, they were nice too.

Did you miss me and Olivia? Yes

On another note, Sarah was very excited for Hannah also. As soon of the home bell went she ran down to the preschool. She was using her big grown up/sensible voice as Hannah showed her some things. She told me she feels very grown up today.


  1. How wonderful!!! Hannah looks very sweet in her pics. It is such a relief when everything goes well, they settle in, make new friends and like their teachers.

    What a lovely post.

  2. I can just imagine Hannah at school..... she is just so practical! I love her...
    I love the question and answers I should doco what Joth says about his day makes for a good laugh some days.


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