Thursday, February 12, 2009

Olivia at One

I just want to take some time to reflect on Olivia at 12 months:

- she does not like to play with her toys. She'd much prefer a piece of paper or to pull everything out of my bag.
- she has two good sized naps in the day and a long 12-13 hr sleep each night. I don't remember the last time Olivia woke in the night.
- Olivia holds on like a little koala. She holds my top and wraps her cubby little legs around me and does not let go easily.
- is SO excited to see her Daddy each night when he comes home. I can tell I have another Daddy's girl coming up.
- is on one feed a day just before bed.
- is walking easily around furniture and stands well on her own. I think she'll take a step in a month or so.
- is totally doted on by her big sisters who I'm sure think they're her 'other Mums'!
- loves almost any food. She especially loves to eat whole nectarines but makes SUCH a mess!
- has a security blanket - I love it! She's the first to have a security blanket. She will pull it up to her mouth and pretend to suck on it. So cute.
- pinches me when she wants a feed. It hurts SO bad - little rascal!
- starting to go to other people now, which is nice.

1 comment:

  1. She has the sweetest smile that God ever put on the face of an angel!!!

    God has blessed you with three wonderful little girls.

    I'm glad to see that Olivia's head was firmly on her shoulders!!!



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