Friday, March 6, 2009

Cuppie love!

I came across this CUTEST little girls bedroom! I absolutely LOVE it, and although I would not go all out with this theme I'd like to incorporate this theme in Olivia's room. It's just so cute! Tell me what you think :)Olivia is a little terror on the change table at the moment so I have been looking around for a cute mobile that she wont grow out of too quickly. Anyway, after seeing this theme I've started on a cupcake mobile.

I think there are accents in this room that make it So doable. I love the:
- chalkboard
- kitchen (already got a cute one)
- cupcake bedspread
- apron, etc.
- table and chairsAlthough I LOVE the pink and brown, I'm not sure that Josh would be happy to repaint the bedroom. We'll see though :) I'm thinking of making this a second birthday present for her.

Let's hope Olivia loves cupcakes as much as I do :) She's tending more towards a truck driver at the moment. She pushes around cars and blows rasberries - I think that might be thanks to her lil cousin Lachlan :)

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE IT!!! You could probably work that theme with the colour that you have, couldn't you? That bluey green colour could be incorporated into icing or cupcake cases or decorations? Maybe??? Maybe not??

    My word verification is insulit ... I hope you don't feel insulit by my words!!!


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