Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I haven't really been in the cake decorating mood recently, but am gearing up to make Hannah's cake next week. She has chosen this cake from Debbie Brown's enchanting and magical cakes. I enjoy the challenge and do my best not compare my end result with the picture in the book .I will have to get myself organised as the bed head and parts of the cake are made in advance and we're in the middle of moderation and report writing at school - always very busy times and the least enjoyable part of being a teacher (I think).

While having a look around the cake websites I saw this tutorial in how to make a train topper. It shows just how simple cake decorating can be!
Anyway, my Dora obsessed girl has had enough of watching Dora for this morning so I'd better get back to it :)


  1. I saw that train the other day :) Cute for a little one!
    I have to talk to you about Lachlan's dinosaur cake - I am going to try to copy the one you sent me a while back, but I need to know where you get your icing - The woolworths one suits me fine, but thought I would check out something else this time ;) Also, what is the name of that stuff you use to stick the icing together? Talk soon - just wrote that while I remember!

  2. I can't believe it's Hannah's birthday again. I love the Princess in the bed cake. You amaze me with your cake making - everything you make is beautiful.


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