Monday, November 22, 2010

Pretty headbands, etc.

I'm totally swamped by sewing projects at the moment and I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenge of getting a lot of projects finished by Christmas! Reports are finished for school and there's so much organised for the end of the year that I don't have to do much planning. I only have 8 days left of work for the year! Yes, I'm counting down!
These headbands have become my latest craze. They're so easy to make and they look stunning! I'm planning on making them in all sorts of colours. One of the many benefits of having girls!

This week I'll be 30 weeks pregnant. I have heaps to do in her room before she's born (we have to settle on a name too!). I'm leaving most of the nesting until January so it can keep me occupied during the last few weeks. One thing I'd like to do is to paint her cot and change table white.
Things are going well with the new house, although I still haven't gotten around to taking photos! We've signed up this morning to get a pergola built in January and finalising who we'll go through for air-conditioning. I'm hoping the aircon will be in by February as bub is due on the 2nd!

This little girl has kept me busy also! She's into all things 'princess' at the moment and is working on wearing out the Cinderella DVD! Unfortunately she's not keen to have her photo taken and will not stand still for 3 seconds!
Hope you're getting a good start to the week!


  1. Olivia looks so grown up in that photo. I love your hair bands - I agree they look stunning. My dining table looks like a sewing room at the moment as well. Busy making doggy hats to sell, rabbits (Pocket & Floss)for presents and a quilt by machine for some friends baby. I'm going to wash your material tomorrow so that it's all ready to start the babies quilt when I've done some more on Lachlans.

  2. Beautiful!!!! You will have to go into business :)


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