Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cakes to choose from (and some sentimental rambling)

I have several cake ideas for Olivia's party.  I'm still not sure what I will go ahead with but I am loving the ruffle cakes that are everywhere.  There are plenty of tutorials around too and they look pretty easy.  I may do two small ones like these...


Or one larger one.

I also have loved this cake ever since I laid eyes on it.  In fact, I love this whole party!  I'm so pleased that I still have a few little girl parties to go!
I tried this type of cake out for a friend a while back and it's very easy and looks effective. 

Or I have Debbie Brown's book with this cake in it.  Olivia has not had a 3D cake yet.

On another note, please excuse my random sentimental ramblings!!

I'm on a count down until Jessica is one, the first year didn't seem to last long enough, especially as Jessica is most likely our last baby. I know I'll enjoy the toddler stage as much as this one, and life must go on.

I am treasuring special moments.  Holding her longer at bed time and singing her an extra song.  She really is a rascal though and knows just how to get everyone's attention.  Yesterday the older girls were playing outside and she was standing with her faced pressed against the window screaming at calling to them.  In the end I gave in and let her out.  The other funny thing that she has started doing is hanging her tongue out at bath-time and licking up the water like a cat.  I'm sure she'll grow out of this one soon enough but it is very funny!

I still have mixed feelings about having Jessica's birthday with Olivia's.  I may still change it but we'll see. It will give me an extra opportunity to make another cake!

Anyway, off to give her an extra long cuddle and put her to bed :)


  1. Welcome back to blogging Ruth. I'm enjoying your blogs - love looking at your cake and other pictures. I look at them and wonder which cake you'll make next.. your so talented.

  2. Hmmmm....where has the blogging gone????

  3. I know Mel :( I fell off the wagon last week!

  4. I LOVE the ruffle cakes!! They are so pretty! Are they really that easy to do!?

  5. I agree Jamie they look amazing! I tried one yesterday and am very pleased to say they're easy! Give it a try!


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