Friday, February 3, 2012

My Olivia.

She melts my heart and anyone who knows me has probably realised that I think she is just the bee's knees!  She is such a cute little girl!

Next week is a mile-stone week of Olivia.  She is starting preschool and turning 4.  I didn't think I was feeling emotional until I started writing this post.  I just thought I'd take time to write down a few things about Olivia.


Obsessed with the colour green.
Uses a 'b' instead of the 'v' sound and says 'I love you bery, bery much'.  Which totally melts me.
Falls asleep on her own now, but I have to stay in the kitchen.
Very easy going.
Loves flying horses and barbies and pretty shoes.
Eats almost everything I serve up and would do anything for a lolly.
Melts Josh.
Loves the bath and will sometimes have 3 baths a day.
Wants a real phone, real camera and a real dolphin for her birthday.
She is just beginning to enjoy watching movies and tv.
Cannot write her name very well and has no interest in letters, numbers or anything like that.
Shy and clingy
Self conscious.
Likes to be 'fashion'
Slightly obsessive compulsive.
A bag lady and must take a bag wherever she goes.
Almost always wears a head band.
SCREAMS when I brush her hair.
Says the funniest things and could be a comedian!
Gets in our bed almost every other night but we don't mind.
Confuses preschool and Sunday school.
Obsessed with her cousin Lachlan
Knows when to leave her sisters alone.
Loves Jessica and they have just started playing together.
Cuddles me and climbs on my knee a few times a day

She still is my baby.

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