Friday, January 13, 2012

A time to blog!

I know some of you are thinking 'how can you possibly have so much time to blog?'  Here are a few reasons why I'm actually blogging more often at the moment:

- I was sick between Christmas and New Years and did several posts that I could publish later

- Every night I sit at Olivia's door while she falls asleep and I try and blog in that time.

- I'm trying very hard to give up on perfectionism!  I used to write posts and cancel them because I thought they might sound dumb.

-  I have a blogger app on my iphone so I can write posts wherever and whenever I get a spare min.

-  Blogger has a new interface and it's SO MUCH quicker and easier!  (The new laptop helps too!)

-  I'm not trying to stick to a particular theme, imagine the audience.  I'm happy to blog about whatever!

-  I'm using whatever photos I have uploaded at the time and not worrying about their quality.

So, that's it.

No pressure blogging.

I'm really enjoying it!


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